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About Our Technique

Have you ever been curious as to whether or not you would be a candidate for chiropractic treatment?  Have you been afraid to try chiropractic? At the chiropractic Center we use only proven methods, which are state of the art and are the most beneficial to get you well.  The newer, more modern adjustments that we provide here at the Chiropractic Center do not involve any twisting or popping sensations. Patients who have tried the older hands on type of adjustment transition very well to the modernized instrument adjustment.  Once a patient has tried the newer, more comfortable chiropractic adjustment most people feel that they would never return to the traditional manual (hands on) type of adjustment.  The primary adjustments Dr. Lungren uses are Activator, the Neuromechanical system composed of the Impulse and now featuring the Impulse I.Q. (intelligent design), and diversified types of chiropractic adjustment. To learn more please feel free to visit the Activator, and Neuromechanical websites via the hyperlink provided below.



At the Chiropractic Center we use any and all means of getting you well.  Exercise and rehab are an integral part of recovery after any injury.  When you become a patient at the Chiropractic Center, we take you into consideration as an individual.  There is not any one plan for any one person.  Every person’s condition is addressed individually.  Come by and we will cater a plan to meet your needs.


Here at the Chiropractic Center we are able to take our own X-Rays using modern highly sensitive equipment.  Chiropractic X-Rays are used differently than medical X-Rays.  Instead of looking for obvious osseous pathologies such as a broken bone, chiropractors are most interested in structural alignment.  Therefore, chiropractors perform X-Rays in a standing position rather than lying down.  Please feel free to discuss your individual needs or concerns pertaining to X-Ray with the doctor.


Come and relax with the luxurious benefit of hydromassage.  Enjoy the benefits of massage while remaining fully clothed in a private and relaxing setting.  Hydromassage is a combination of heat, massage, and whirlpool in a single setting.  The powerful waves of water are directed at specific areas of the body, giving you the deepest and most relaxing massage available. if you are experiencing muscle tension or a loss of flexibility give hydromassage a try.  For the most up to date information on the benefits of this therapy, please explore the hydromassage website through the hyperlink provided below.


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